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DuroFlow 7012

Positive Displacement Blowers & Vacuum Pumps

Category: Positive Displacement Blowers & Vacuum Pumps > DuroFlow
Manufacturer: Gardner Denver

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Model Numbers

Latest Revision: C Series

Model Catalog Number

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Timing & Configuration

Units are centrally timed but can only be converted to from VT to HL and VB to HR or vice versa as shown below.

orientation diagram


Operating & Service Manuals

See Operating & Service Manual for lubrication estimates. Proper oil level is ½ way up the sight glass while the unit is not running.

The latest Operating & Service Manual is on this page; for previous manuals please contact C. Emery Nelson, Inc.

Operating Specifications

Max. RPM: 2650
Min. RPM Vertical: 818
Min. RPM Horizontal: 545
Max. Pressure: 15 PSI
Max. Vacuum: 16 IN HG
Max. Temp. Rise: 250°F
Max. Discharge Temp.: 350°F

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