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Enclosed Blower Packages

Our SoundSeal blower package sound enclosures provide superior noise reduction with a small footprint.

C. Emery Nelson, Inc. SoundSeal Blower Package systems can be mounted outdoors with no secondary cover. The SoundSeal 54 and 65 are noise reduction enclosures containing a pre-assembled, skid mounted blower units. The SoundSeal 92 enclosure is of drop over design with a freestanding blower package shipped separately.

SoundSeal Design Features:
  • Lightweight panels for full access to the Gardner Denver blower, motor and all other accessories inside of the enclosure.
  • Maximum sound dBa reduction.
  • 3 Standard Sizes 54, 65, an 92 (45L x 54W x 47H, 65L x 49Wx 64H, 92L x 60W x 74H)
  • Front mounted pressure gauge, blower and enclosure temperature gauge/switch, and differential filter gauge.
  • Powder coated enclosure finish.
  • Water tight design for outdoor installation.
  • Integral forklift pockets for convenient transportation and handling.
SoundSeal Advantage:
  • Bare enclosure available from stock.
  • Skid mounted enclosure sizes for 2-6” silencer base combo.
  • The 54 and 65 feature removable side panels and roof panel(s) for full access.
  • The 92 has double door hinged side access and removable roof panel.

Blower Sound Enclosure Specification (PDF) — CAD Drawings available on request

Soundseal Sound Enclosure (PDF)

SoundSeal Standard Equipment:
  • Powder coated enclosure finish.
  • Water tight design for outdoor installation.
  • The best blower for the job, not just a few models available.
  • TEFC premium efficient – inverter rated motor.
  • Integral silencer base combo.
  • Enclosure and blower inlet filters.
  • Weight loaded pressure relief valve.
  • Check Valve.
  • 1/2” rubber enclosure isolation strips.

IQ Family of Blower Packages by Gardner Denver

IQ-RB Package Features

  • Tri Lobe Blower
  • 15HP-600HP
  • Fixed speed packages with inverter duty motors
  • Mechanical Gauges
  • Patented tunable inlet filter/silencer
  • Unique noise enclosure design with double sound insulation panels
  • Noise levels under 80 dBa with enclosure
  • Automatic belt tensioning and simple belt replacement

IQ Package

Range 7.5 HP- 100HP Factory Direct
Intelligent monitoring solutions – available features via the AirSmart controller

    • Package Sequencing
    • Remote Monitoring –Also Monitors Oil Level, Oil Temp
    • Quiet Sound Enclosure (sound levels as low as 60 dBA)
    • TEFC EISA premium efficiency Motors less starter is standard
    • Removable Discharge Silencer
    • Vacuum/Pressure Connections
    • Pre-Mounted Valves with Relief and Check Valves standard
    • Unloaded start valve optional
    • Enclosure Cooling Fan
    • Optional Equipment
    • Full voltage starter
    • VFD
    • EMC Filter
    • Line Reactor
    • Communication Module
    • Oil level and temperature sensors
      • Removable & hinged panels providing easy access for maintenance
      • Premium Vibration Isolators
      • Automatic Belt tensioner 

IQ-HE Package Features

      • Patented 3x5 helical screw rotor profile with food grade PTFE coating
      • High and low pressure options
      • Up to 36psi for dense conveying applications
      • Fixed speed packages with inverter duty motors
      • AirSmart G2 controller
      • Compact design with reduced dimensions and sound insulation panels
      • Patented tunable inlet filter/silencer 
      • Automatic belt tensioning and simple belt replacement
      • External oil level gauges


    • Reduced number of revolutions and energy consumption in all working conditions.
    • Low energy consumption saves up to 30% on energy bills for quick return on investment.
    • High Pressure conveying.
    • Turndown capability.
    • Suitable for intermittent use with frequent stops and restarts.
    • Noise enclosure separate from blower = no vibration transmitted to walls.
    • Ease of inspection.
    • All maintenance operations are performed from the front with removal of panels.
    • Oil changes can be performed with easily accessible fill and drain hoses.
    • Oil levels can be checked via gauges with or without blower running.
    • Minimized downtime and reduced maintenance costs.
    • Side-by-Side package installation capability.